What is GlamTube?

Curated Video

We curate the best health & beauty videos and make them easy to find via search, categories, artists, brands, keywords, and more!

VIP Offers & Free Gifts

As a GlamTube member we won't share your info with third parties, instead we curate VIP news and offers from partners and let you know about them in our own exclusive e-mail updates. Update your private profile info with a mailing address and we'll even send you surprise gifts like makeup samples!

Push Notifications & Advanced Sharing

Opt-in for push notifications on your computer and compatible devices to know when new content is published.

Use our advanced share buttons to send videos to friends via SMS, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and e-mail. In one click share posts with your followers on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, Pinterest, and more.

Custom Profile & Glam.Tube URL

Your custom GlamTube profile allows you to share all of your social links, contact info, bio, and more with the world. Share updates on your feed and follow other GlamTube accounts.

Use your short URL (i.e. glam.tube/c/glam) as a free and easy alternative to services like Linktree. Add it to your Instagram & Twitter profiles to share all of your links in one easy to update place. Are you a YouTuber? You can even embed a featured video in your profile.

No More Trolls

We believe in quality over quantity and want to build a community where members feel safe and creative to be themselves without unnecessary trolling. We do this in two ways.

1. New users are required to verify their accounts via a one-time SMS passcode. SMS verification is also required for phone number updates & password resets.

2. We curate video content from sites like YouTube but encourage that discussions take place directly on our posts. Our comments section has rich functionality including member mentions and real-time account notifications.

We're not bound to the same rules as other social media sites and reserve the right to disable any account that is found to be abusive.

Mobile Friendly & Easy Login

GlamTube looks great on any device! We've also made log-in super easy – use your existing Google/YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account.