F.A.Q.’s for Artists/Creators

We've compiled some answers to frequently asked questions for artists and video creators.

Will I receive AdSense revenue for videos embedded on GlamTube?

Yes! For detailed information about this please visit: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/132596?hl=en

Our site is brand safe according to YouTube standards and our video player meets their required specs for ads to appear.

Do plays on GlamTube contribute to my total views on YouTube?

Yes, according to YouTube, embedded videos count toward your total video/channel views as long as they're not set to play automatically. For this reason videos on GlamTube are all click-to-play.

How can I get my GlamTube profile verified?

GlamTube verifies profiles of notable public figures, GlamTube brand partners, Xyrena® CULT XY™ members, and emerging artists & creators we feel deserve the benefit of increased exposure on our platform.

Currently we're not accepting public requests for verification.

Can I get a premium GlamTube channel & URL?

All GlamTube members receive a custom profile URL (i.e. glam.tube/c/Username).

Select GlamTube partners have premium channels which include a profile card, social links, and all of their GT curated videos. Premium channels also include a custom, more direct shortlink (i.e. glam.tube/Username).

Similar to verification, premium channels and shortlinks can't be requested.

Help! Someone is using my name!

Unlike other social media networks, GlamTube recognizes the importance and value of a personal brand. While usernames are technically issued on a first come, first served basis – if you're a notable public figure in the health or beauty community and another member has chosen your actual name for their handle we're not going to make you add a bunch of random characters, underscores, or arbitrary words (like “TheOfficial”) to come up with a new one. Please create a profile with a temporary username (if you haven't already), then reach out to our partner team at: hello (at) glam.tube – we'll give the other member an opportunity to choose a new username before transferring it to you.

GlamTube also doesn't permit parody accounts, misleading handles, or profile photos of other people/celebrities. If you feel that you're being impersonated please reach out to our team at the e-mail address above.